Norman Finkelstein at Harvard Law School

The Middle East Law Students Association at HLS and HLS Justice for Palestine would like to thank everyone who attended Dr. Norman Finkelstein's talk, "This Time We Went Too Far: Truth and Consequences of the Gaza Invasion," on March 25, 2010, as well as our co-sponsoring organizations the National Lawyers Guild HLS Chapter, the Alliance for Justice in the Middle East at GSAS, and the Palestinian Caucus at HKS, for making the event such a success.

In case you were unable to attend, you can still view the talk here.:

The video is in streaming QuickTime Format. QuickTime may be downloaded here.:

Massad at HLS

Semitism and the Palestinians
A talk by Joseph Massad, Associate Professor of Modern Arab Politics and Intellectual History at Columbia University and Author of The Persistence of the Palestinian Question.

Thursday Apr 3, 7:30 pm
Hauser 105, Harvard Law School
Dinner will be provided

A Justice for Palestine Event

Confronting Empire: Five Years of War in Iraq

A Series of Lectures and Events at Harvard Law School, March 17-19
Monday, March 17
On Empire & (Re)Colonization in the Middle East, 5 pm, Austin Hall, West Classroom
Hamid Dabashi, Professor of Iranian Studies, Columbia University, and Author of the Forthcoming, Islamic Liberation Theology: Resisting the Empire
Roger Owen, Professor of Middle East History, Harvard University, and Author, State, Power and Politics in the Making of the Modern Middle East
Duncan Kennedy, Harvard Law School, Moderator
[Refreshments will be served before the second panel]

Resisting Empire, 7 pm, Austin Hall, West Classroom
Catherine Lutz, Professor of Anthropology, Brown University, and Author, Homefront: A Military City and the American 20th Century
Karma Nabulsi, University Lecturer in International Relations, Oxford University, and Author, Traditions of War: Occupation, Resistance and the Law

Tuesday, March 18
Accumulation through Crisis: Global Stagflation and the New Wars, 3 pm, Pound Hall, Room 107
Jonathan Nitzan, Professor of Political Economy, York University, and Co-Author, The Global Political Economy of Israel
Talha Syed, Harvard Law School, Discussant

Empire & Nation-Building, 5 pm, Pound Hall, Room 107
Noah Feldman, Professor of Law, Harvard Law School, and Author, What We Owe Iraq: War and the Ethics of Nation-Building
Duncan Kennedy, Professor of General Jurisprudence, Harvard Law School, and Author, A Critique of Adjudication

Wednesday, March 19
US Foreign Policy & Intervention in the Middle East, 12 pm, Austin Hall, North Classroom
Irene Gendzier, Professor of Political Science, Boston University, and Author, Notes From the Minefield: United States Intervention in Lebanon and the Middle East
Howard Zinn, Historian and Author, A People's History of the United States

Iraq in Fragments, 7 pm, Langdell Hall, South Classroom
Screening of James Longley's Iraq in Fragments, 2007 Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary Feature
Faras Adel, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Discussant

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Brought to you by Unbound: Harvard Journal of the Legal Left, HLS Peace, Justice for Palestine at HLS, National Lawyers' Guild at HLS. Co-Sponsored by Association for Justice in the Middle East and the KSG Arab Caucus.

Call for a Solidarity Vigil for Gaza

Monday March 3, 2008
11:45 a.m.
Location: Harvard Square, in front of Au Bon Pain

On Saturday March 1, 2008, in the bloodiest single day since the beginning of the second Intifada in 2000, US-funded Israeli troops invaded Gaza, killing at least 61 Palestinians and wounding more than 200. Over the last four days, 96 Palestinians have been killed, a third of them children. This year alone, over 200 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces. Meanwhile, Israeli sanctions continue to choke off Gazans from basic needs such as food, clean water, electricity, and medicine.

We are calling on the Cambridge/Boston community to gather in a solidarity vigil demo to voice resounding opposition to the ongoing violence against innocent victims.

End the siege *** End the occupation

Matory at HLS

What's Troubling about Zionism: An African-American Perspective
A talk by J. Lorand Matory, Professor of Anthropology and of African and African American Studies, Harvard University

Tuesday Dec 4, 11:50 am12:45 pm.
Lewis 202, Lewis International Law Center, Harvard Law School

Moderated by Vishaal Kishore, SJD Candidate, Harvard Law School

A Justice for Palestine Event
For Professor Matory's Nov 30 op-ed in the Crimson, click here

Chomsky, Doumani, Rouhana at HLS

40 Years since 1967, 60 Years since 1948
Thursday November 29, 2007
4-6 pm
Austin North, Harvard Law School

Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor and Professor of Linguistics, MIT
"Barriers to Settlement: Background and Prospects"

Beshara Doumani, Associate Professor of History, UC Berkeley and Fellow at the Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University
"Palestine Versus Palestinians?"

Nadim Rouhana, Institute for Conflict Analysis Professor, George Mason University, and Director of Mada al-Carmel -- the Arab Center for Applied Social Research
"Is It Possible That The Occupation Will Not End?"

A Discussion on the 60th Anniversary of the UN Palestine Partition Resolution of November 29, 1947

Moderated by Janet Halley, Royall Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
Presented by Justice for Palestine and co-sponsored by HLS Peace and the National Lawyers' Guild at HLS.